If you have information on a crime or one that is about to take place, call 911 or your local police. Save a life. Do not rely on this service for any emergency communication whatsoever to law enforcement or medical aid.

Send an anonymous "Peace Call" text and/or email to someone who is likely to commit a violent criminal act.
Without including any of your information, below in Bold Italic is the text and/or email notice that will be sent from Heads-up@PeaceCall.com .

Wording of Text and/or Email to be Sent:

A strong person deals with challenges without the mindless use and finality of weapons.
You are stronger than you know.
One wrong act can ruin many lives including your own.
Don't live in a cage, live free.
It is natural to want to fit in. In being accepted, the friends and peer pressure may be a distraction but this pressure does not influence a strong person's life.
A true friend would not ask you to do something that may harm or hurt you.
A strong person is in control of his or her own attitude and actions.
A strong person reasons beyond his or her inner circle and has a broad view of the bigger world.
A strong person can envision a changing future.
Continue to be strong.
Don't shame the person who believes in you.

Enter the phone number and/or email address of the possible perpetrator you want the above notice sent to. Your information will NOT be given or sent to the recipient.  The text and/or email will only come from: Heads-up@PeaceCall.Org

Freely enter what information you would like to share about the possible perpetrator below. Do not enter your information.

Report Crime Anonymously

If you have information on a crime and want to stay anonymous, click the appropriate link below. The links below will send you to different websites not associated with this one. They have their own terms & conditions.

Cook County

Report a crime that happened in Cook County anonymously


Report a crime that happened in Chicago anonymously