Be The Difference

You are a strong person to come to this site and you care about people and your surroundings. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Let us help each other. By you anonymously entering helpful information about someone contemplating a violent act and us by sending this person an encouraging message to not commit this act, we together, may change the outcome and possibly save a life.  Actually two lives may be saved, the person who is thinking about committing a weapons crime and the possible victim of the wrongful act.
Have us send an encouraging message to the possible perpetrator saying they are better than violence and are a valued person.  Things are always changing.  What may seem hopeless today will most likely turn for the better tomorrow. Life is long and should not be judged only by your present situation or circumstance but should be viewed for the possibilities ahead.  Live with a belief and knowledge that life will bring many interesting and wondrous moments to come.
Sending a message at the right time to the possible perpetrator will definitely catch him or her off guard and will have he or she thinking twice before committing the violent act. Knowing we have his or her information will discourage him or her from proceeding forward with a wrongful act.
Peace Call was formed to discourage violence.